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oCoreThis is the core functionality of FreeCAD
|oBase classes
||\Memory debugging
|oApp side
||\Property framework
|oGui side
||oCommand Framework
||oInternationalization with FreeCADThe internationalization of FreeCAD makes heavy use of the internationalization support of Qt
||o3D ViewerThe 3D Viewer is one of the major components in a CAD/CAE systems
||\Workbench FrameworkFreeCAD provides the possibility to have one or more workbenches for a module
|\Global application level
oWorkbenchesAdded functionality in the form of "pluggins"
|oArchArchitecture and BIM module
|oDraftThis module offers a range of tools to create and manipulate basic 2D objects
||oDraftGeomUtilsShapes manipulation utilities
||oDraftGuiGUI elements and utilities of the Draft workbench
||oDraftToolsGUI Commands of the Draft workbench
||oDraftTrackersCustom Pivy-based objects used by the Draft workbench
||\DraftVecUtilsVector math utilities
||\WildMagic4Excerpts from version 4.0.0 of Wild Magic Library which were integrated to FreeCAD's Mesh module
||\Kinematics and Dynamics LibraryThis is the API reference of the Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL), a sub-project of Orocos, but that can be used independently of Orocos
|| oKinematic FamiliesAll classes to support kinematic families
|| \MotionAll classes related to the non-instantaneous motion of rigid bodies and kinematic structures, e.g., path and trajecory definitions and their building blocks
\Embedded 3rd party materialImportant tools and libraries incorporated to FreeCAD